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To provide all of our clients with superior service, all of our certified EMS crews are dispatched by a highly qualified team fully equipped, state of the art vehicles, including advanced communication and vehicle tracking systems to get you to where you’re going – efficiently and on time.

Traditional ambulance companies operate from a model which neglects the unique requirements specific to each patient. At ATS Medical Services, we put the emotional, physical and financial well-being of patients first.

  • EMS Staffing Services

    Staffing services is a rapidly growing piece of operations that allows ATS Medical Services to meet the vital demands of customers such as the Department of Defense, industrial sites and municipal fire districts. We provide EMS professionals to outside organizations, ensuring that they are fully staffed with highly qualified personnel who can ensure that patients always receive the medical care they need. Formed in response to paramedic and EMT shortages in rural communities, our EMS staffing capabilities have blossomed to provide contracted services to private organizations as well as local governing bodies.

  • Medical Billing Services

    Our Certified Ambulance Coders are trained by the American Academy of Professional Coders to fulfill billing needs with speed, accuracy and comprehensive compliance. These experts overcome the challenges of medical billing by working with patients, healthcare customers and insurers to satisfy all parties. Our ambulance crews use state-of-the-art ePCR software that facilitates billing through the immediate, wireless submission of patient transport information. Our capabilities include same-day billing while our practices remain fully compliant thanks to regular internal auditing and continuous documentation training in accordance with HIPAA, Red Flags Rule and more.

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