As an EMS Professional, you will
save a life.
make a better tomorrow.
join a supportive team.
help your community.
have a thriving career.


ATS Medical Services strives to be the Employer of Choice for EMS professionals.


ATS Medical Services

ATS Medical Services is a leading provider of staffing solutions for Fire Departments in Illinois. We deliver unparalleled customer service, providing high quality Paramedics and EMTs that contribute to the success of Fire Department operations, and in turn make communities a safer place to live.

Learn more on what it means to choose a rewarding career as an EMS Professional.

Finest Patient
Care & Services

We provide full staffing services for city and county fire departments.

ATS Medical Services does a wonderful job at taking care of our transportation needs. They are very pleasant and careful with patients, making the trip very enjoyable so the patient feels less nervous.
- Rockford Hospital System
They did a spectacular job at transporting our patients. They are always gentle and pleasant to work with! We are very appreciative of their services to our hospital and patient care they continue to provide.
- St. Francis South
The transportation service we received from Priority One was fantastic and we want to say thank you to everyone that helps get our patients from point A to point B!
- Lafayette, IN Hospital System
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Connecting Patients and Providers with Purpose.


Patient Care

Our priority is to our patients. ATS holds itself to the highest standards when it comes to your loved ones care and medical transport. We are honored with the responsibility and grow to improve our services everyday.

Young Hispanic male healthcare worker outdoors, portrait

Being an EMT allows me to gain skills and knowledge that I can use to further my career. My ATS family is always encouraging me to do my best and take care of each other. It’s a great work environment to have.


Young Hispanic male healthcare worker outdoors, portrait

I chose a career in the EMS field to gain the ability to assist others in their time of need. Every day I get to help others and improve my skills.


Young Hispanic male healthcare worker outdoors, portrait

I became interested in an EMS career because I enjoy being able to help others. I felt this career path would strengthen my people skills, improve my ability to help others, and provide a challenging work environment that will push me to grow every day.



About ATS Medical Services

ATS Medical Services provides staffing solutions for city and County Fire Departments in Illinois. Our goal is to support your team by providing industry best EMT’s and Paramedics.

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